Speaking & Workshops

An award-winning and engaging speaker, Iain Duncan's transformative sessions on the intersections of performance and business combine deeply researched content with amazing performing demonstrations and engaging customized comedy. In his seminar series, Secrets from the Stage, Iain draws on his experiences on stage and in the boardroom to help audiences become more relaxed, confident, and influential as public speakers of all types. From conquering stage anxiety, to bomb-proof preparation, to highly effective practising, Iain covers all the essential skills and techniques needed to become a compelling and powerful presenter.

Read more here for details on the the Secrets From The Stage seminar series, or check out the various topics in detail here.

As a programmer who successfully transitioned into management and consulting, Iain also speaks on developing negotiation, management and leadership skills for technical staff moving into executive roles. Especially in the STEM sector, technical staff often struggle as career advancement brings a new need for soft-skills and public speaking. When retaining top talent is critical to business success, why leave this to chance? Iain helps ensure the people side of technical management is deliberately cultivated and practised, making for happier, productive, and lasting teams.

“What a refreshing and informative spin on public speaking! It was so great to have Iain breakdown the process for the not-for-profit sector at the BOSS conference, all while entertaining us with his juggling talents. And it was applicable to so many aspects of my life beyond presentations!”
- Lisa Torreggiani, Capacity Development Lead, Vantage Point