Feedback & Testimonials

“What a refreshing and informative spin on public speaking! It was so great to have Iain breakdown the process for the not-for-profit sector at the BOSS conference, all while entertaining us with his juggling talents. And it was applicable to so many aspects of my life beyond presentations!”
  - Lisa Torreggiani, Capacity Development Lead, Vantage Point
“ I would like to express our appreciation of the session you’ve did yesterday at our corporate event. You’ve exceeded our expectations on what could be achieved in such a condensed timeframe. Obviously you’re a truly remarkable talent with in depth knowledge of learning and teaching. This was very well received by the group and all were energetic and uplifted, which was a great contribution to the sessions afterwards. ”
  - John Pals, COO, Peoples Card Services
“ ... a really awesome talk by local talent Iain Duncan at the VIATEC software leadership round table. What was refreshing about this talk was it specifically targeted the psychological and physiological aspects of stage fright and provided a practical and effective toolkit for managing them. It was really helpful and well done, solving just one specific aspect of public speaking, but a very important and common problem. ”
- Kevin Kotorynski, CEO, Rok Software